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Co-Founder RMES Analytics, is already part of the Endeavor Network

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It provides the possibility of accessing a wide support network throughout the world, consulting, strategic planning and networking, aiming at the growth and expansion of our company.

In Cape Town, South Africa, the 84th International Selection Panel (ISP) of Endeavor was held, an instance in which the organization, leader in support of high impact entrepreneurship worldwide confirmed the entry of Alessio Arata, co-founder and CEO of RMES Analytics.

This important nomination allows access to a large national and international network of expert mentors, who will provide advice on training processes, training, planning, strategy and networking, with special focus on the accelerated expansion of the RMES project and its internationalization.

“Being part of Endeavor is a great recognition of the work done by the entire RMES Analytics team and a demonstration that we have great potential to continue growing and delivering value to our customers. It will contribute to us in multiple dimensions, linked mainly, from access to an international network with varied capacities and a unique commitment to the development of high-impact entrepreneurs “, commented Alessio Arata.

For his part, the Executive Director of Endeavor Chile, José Manuel Correa added, “we are very happy and proud. We hope RMES Analytics continues to grow positively and always contributing to the economy of the country. ”

Alessio is part of the 151 entrepreneurs belonging to 83 companies, of Endeavor Chile, of which 11 correspond to the mining sector.


Photography: Gonzalo Yun, manager Endeavor Atacama; Alessio Arata, co-founder and CEO of RMES Analytics; Grace Donovan, Selection and Growth Endeavor Chile; Darshan Chandaria, Founder and CEO Chandaria Capital and Armando Mann, Vice President of Sales of RelatelQ.

About Edeavor: International Organization that focuses on the identification of new generations of entrepreneurs, to whom it provides information, tools and resources so that they can develop successful companies in the search for capital.