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Experience Australia 2019

The ten-day oceanic business tour was organized by Vantaz, Endeavor, and Minnovex, to enable 14 Chilean mining sector companies and suppliers—including RMES Analytics—to generate business opportunities and collaborations with the Australian mining market.

The “Australia Experience 2019” tour took place in Adelaide and Brisbane where the 22 participants got to visit Australian companies, share experiences, generate collaborative links, and make proposals to make their way in that industrial market.

Cristián Martínez, Business Development Manager at RMES Analytics, participated in the tour where he searched for Australian partners and noted the great value that was generated:

“As I got to know my expedition companions the Australian experience proved to be interesting even before take-off. A great group of entrepreneurs with great stories, energies, and strengths. You land in Australia as part of a good team. Vantaz, Endeavor, and Minnovex guaranteed the success of this mission through meetings with local peers, visits to major players in the mining and technology fields allowing us to get to know the local ecosystem of entrepreneurship, technology, education, and business.”

Referring to the conclusions of this tour, Cristián noted that: “We met with more than 15 potential partners and have had follow-up conversations with about 5 of them, a very good number. We had the opportunity to see the possibilities of the Australian market in person, its standards, its idiosyncrasies. Definitely an experience one should go through if one wants to tackle the Australian market.”

Participation in this tour is an important milestone in RMES Analytics’ development and expansion plan where our goal is to offer our services to other markets and to contribute towards the industry’s digital transformation.

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