RMES Analytics

RMES Analytics team starts 2019 with big challenges

RMES Analytics

Being closer to our customers, delivering comprehensive support, and conquering international markets and new industries are part of the goals projected for the new year.

Being present in 70% of Chile’s mining companies and 20% of the world’s copper production, RMES Analytics continues to think big as it sets itself the challenge of having a strong presence abroad while consolidating what exists in Chile.

For this reason, part of 2019’s goals are driven by pillars such as: maintaining close relationships with our customers and providing them with an all-inclusive custom-made service in all areas, conquering international markets, and positioning the RMES Suite as THE software solution for increasing companies’ profitability and productivity.  

Thanks to its automatic data capture, online results visualization, and improvement and opportunities analysis as this platform can adapt to every organization and allow for the implementation of best management practices.

Undoubtedly, these are big challenges, but they are challenges that we willingly take on as we work to provide our clients with the best solutions and service every day.