RMES Analytics

Process Simulation & Analytics
RAM Simulation

Simulation and optimization of capital investment projects for decision making during design and operation stages. We use an LCC approach to integrate the process’s logical functional model with information about the equipment’s expected behavior.

  • Identification and elimination of bottlenecks
  • Increase in project throughput
  • Scenario evaluation to decrease CAPEX

RMES Analytics

Process Simulation & Analytics
Productivity Analysis and Optimization

Plant and fleet productivity and profitability improvement based on asset performance analysis. Achieved by applying RMES’ systemic algorithms to ensure a business results focus.

  • Production loss study and OEE
  • Value tree deployment
  • Criticality and bottleneck analysis

RMES Analytics

Industry Insights
Equipment Selection

Equipment purchase support based on historical equipment data analysis at both the company and industry level. The objective is to accompany investment decisions using an LCC approach that considers OPEX, CAPEX, lack costs, maintainability, and reliability.

  • Raising RAM asset parameters
  • Expected throughput cost estimation
  • Business case LCC assessment

RMES Analytics

Industry Insights

Strategic analysis and business parameter delivery based on industry best practices. Possibility of comparing equipment performance and predicting processes’ behavior using advanced data analytics tools.

  • Operational benchmarking
  • Industry insights
  • Equipment performance analysis and comparison

RMES Analytics

Analysis & Improvement
Digital Services

Services supported by IT solutions and data analysis – RMES Suite’s strong suit – that aim at improving asset productivity with an informed and timely decision-making process.

  • Automatic data capture and processing
  • Result visualization and reportability
  • Continuous improvement opportunity identification and analysis

RMES Analytics

Analysis & Improvement
Strategy and Assets

Productivity diagnosis based on physical asset performance. Through different tools it is possible to identify the business’s critical elements and propose improvements under an LCC approach.

  • Productive process analysis
  • Critical business element identification
  • Improvement opportunity recommendations

RMES Analytics

Asset Management Consulting

Asset management support with a broad perspective that combines strategic outlook with technical knowledge, and customized solutions. This is complemented by the new challenges of digital transformation and the capability of executing the solutions.

  • Asset Management Diagnostics, ISO 55.000
  • Maintenance plan preparation
  • Asset management strategy and organization

RMES Analytics


Implementation of the various RMES Analytics technologies, RMES Suite and MineObs in particular. A process that involves both technological integration and the definition of business processes and change management at the user area level.

  • Technological integration and connection to the different information systems
  • Business process design and asset modeling
  • Change start-up and management

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